Monday, November 5, 2012

This is the end, beautiful friends.

Well. Well. Well...

Short and boring post this time. After some wondering and then careful deliberation, we have decided to return back to Australia in January 2013. Instead of flying the bikes to Amsterdam we shall now fly them and us back home, to Sydney.

Both Clarissa and I have had our full of travelling for the moment. Its certainly painful to say as we have promised many people that we would visit them in many different countries around the globe. For the last couple of months now, we both knew that there was too many important things that had to still be attacked back home as soon as possible. When I say important, there's little doubt in our minds that it overrides our will to continue our travels at this time. There's absolutely no reason why we won't continue our journey later on. Yet for the moment, we need a firm base to continue both our professional lives and our personal lives.

The head monk agreed we need to return home.

Its with great regret that I post this, yet don't fret. Both of us are VERY excited at the thought of returning home to continue our other journey, life. Its unfortunate that our travels couldn't override our desires but to continue on now would be lying to ourselves, and to others.

Bookmark the blog as when we finally do take up the travels again it will be motorcycle (the only way) and it will be documented here.

I would also like to thank everyone who's bent over backwards to help us out both on the trip and also before. For all those who came to the farewell party in Sydney you all have to come to the 'welcome home' party, non-negotiable. Hehehehehe. Jumping castle again for sure.

A big special thank you to Mr. Paul Rooney for crafting two fine machines that have performed without hesitation and carried us over the many definitions of 'roads'. Thanks Paul and we shall be coming up to say it in person on the bikes when we get back. 

There's many people to thank but I shall be coming around to do in person when we return.

Thanks Singapore for great noodles and making it bloody expensive to ride there.

Thanks Malaysia for being our favourite country. Your food, nature and hospitality is genuinely unappreciated by the mass of tourists heading further north instead. Setu Malaysia!

Thank Thailand for allowing us too relax and dive in magical locations and awesome motorcycle riding.

Thanks Cambodia for the plethora of temples and winners of the amazing smiles and waving competition.

Thanks Laos for not being anything like the other places we have been. Keep it real and don't sell out too soon! Leave the Ho Chi Minh trail alone so we can come back and ride it one day.

Most of all - Cheers everyone for reading. We're sorry to disappoint that we shall not be saying hello in the near future. We can't lie though - the decision was tough but it has put our hearts and minds at ease.

Love you long time!