Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ramblings after roast

Well we have been really lucky to catch up/housed/be loved with so many friends here on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Also very lucky to be fed a wonderful roast dinner tonight from my second family! Who looked after me in Darwin whilst I had my shoulder reconstructed some years ago.

On other things, maybe you're wondering where the title came from? Maybe not... I shall tell you either way :) For a while my phone and myself have struggled to see eye to eye on occasions and there was one defining moment that help give birth to the blogs name.

Must have been about three o'clock in the morning whilst I woke the sound of a email coming through (maybe some required bike parts from the US being sent?) and quickly I reached to check the email. The email ended up being spam or the like unfortunately. Alas when the phone was placed back on the bedside table, the phones automatic voice command system somehow went into action where it asked me "What would you like to do?" To which I replied

"go to sleep"

which it replied

"Sorry, try again"

so this time I yelled a little louder


same again it replied

"Sorry, try again"

so with a huff and a puff I gave my best three o'clock angry yell at the less-than-obedient technology


then it came back at me with

"Searching, for Bruce Lee"

Clarissa had woken up and was laughing at the situation. So it was decided the next morning that the blog had now got a title. Which was also a bit funny because every time we mention a country and what we want to do it we ask the same question of each other!

The blogs a bit void of pictures so far so here's a few!

The toolkit! What's missing is a little gas soldering iron for wiring repairs though.

Here's a shot of all of our gear. No clothes though (but we have got our personal clothes down to the size of a football each now). Note the massive white cotton bags up the back are the cold weather sleeping bags, they get a bit smaller. Still take up a whole pannier on their own though!

Clarissas bike receiving its new Alpha ignition from Rick at Motorrad Elektrik. The bikes ignition is a duel spark plug per cylinder set up with duel ignition modules and coils to provide an elephant load of redundancy if something fails. The duel spark plugs help the bikes run on really crappy fuel and help them start a lot easier in colder weather. The new ignition made the power silky smooth and really helped take away some annoying pitfalls from the stock system.

Notice the awesome 'BMW sign' present Clarissa got me for me from a dealer in the US. It lights up at night too! A great offering to the bavarian gods of speed for those late night modifications and repairs.

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