Friday, April 27, 2012


Well here we are. Sitting in Macca's at sydney airport waiting for our flight to Singapore...

I can't say its been overly hard to organise this trip or get to this point but there's certainly been a fair bit of effort by many people. Mainly by Clarissa and her extremely hard work on absolutely dominating the paperwork and vaccination/carnet side of things!
Yea, I have spent a few late nights in the shed fixing/modifying/servicing and the like on the bikes but I really love that stuff. Its all been good! Australian customs really are exceptionally good people when it comes down to it.

Very apologetic for the lack of new posts but we've really been swept away on a sea of 'getting readiness' these last few weeks. The bikes are sitting about 1.5km away from us at Qantas freight (which was an absolutely easy and AWESOME experience) and we have just checked our baggage.
The thought of just chilling over a cheeseburger was a reminder on what were leaving on this trip for. To get away and taste the world. A little bit of enlightenment. A small part travellers sickness and a handful of kick-arse motorcycling. Lets be realistic for a moment, two highly modified adventure motorcycles hand crafted by the one and only Paul Rooney... LETS ROCK!!!

Then there was the fantastic number of farewell parties. One for family and one for friends. There was a jumping castle and virtually all punters could make it along to give us a really, really, special send off. Thanks for that y'all. Both Clarissa and I are extremely humbled at the pure awesomeness of our family and friends love that has been showered upon us.

A few tears from Clarissa as she gave her Dad a big super hug just before we disappeared through to customs to be flown away to a foreign land to start the big adventure....

To most certainly be continued!

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