Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shake shake shake shake shake out.

So we have been riding up the coast for the shakeout for the last few days. Full gear, cold weather including (which is the most of the bulk). Bikes are handling it great. So are we by the looks of it too!

Weather has been generous and the traffic also. Its now confirmed that I'm a warmer climate animal as when I start to shiver, Clarissa is trying to open more vents! Alas, can't complain too much. Certainly considering last time we rode this way when we first picked up the bikes. That adventure included bouts of snow and nights of uncomfortably chilly sleeping. My bad. I assured Clarissa that it would be fine and dandy in June (winter) and we certainly wouldn't be needing any warm clothes...

A couple of days ago we spent the afternoon at Paul Rooney's place setting up Clarissa's new Ohlins shock and generally both bikes suspension. This just luckily included our secret test pilot who has had some solid experience in the Australia safari and the Condo rallys!
Clarissa's bike is now dialled in like butter over the rough stuff and she should take a long time to ever reach its limits. A great boost for her riding ego to watch our master BMW guru setting the suspension while a seasoned BMW enduro rider piloted it! 

The bikes are now sufficiently dirty for the rest of the trip to look the business. They are also purring along beautifully and consuming fuel at a nominal rate now with some little changes to jetting since the last big ride. Added some home made pre-filters to the air boxes to help keep the bigger bits of junk out of the air filter. The pannier tables are completed too!

Currently staying with friends for Easter and enjoying a long awaited catch up. Kids have grown a foot taller but the awesomeness still remains of such good company. Everybody here though at one point has lived in Darwin (and we all still miss the joint and its warmth!).
Finally though my first easter egg hunt was assured. For as long as I can remember my expertise at hiding things (mainly from myself) would come in handy. Forty three eggs hidden. Forty two found. Whoops. My fault, but unfortunately, when one wakes at 4am to hide eggs you generally don't remember where you put them all....

Fish and chips for lunch on the ocean today, its going to be horrid! Especially going for a swim in the magical water of the sunshine coast!

Clarissa is enjoying a day off the bike (and making sure that I know that she is!) and hopefully we can pop in tomorrow on our way back south to home and visit our great friend Lachlan from MTD tours. Who has crafted the awesome aluminium panniers for the blue bike and showed us endless hospitality last time we were up this way!


  1. The travelling is looking like a lot of fun already and the blog is looking good! Can't wait for more Posts/Pictures!

  2. Okay.... I'm totally living through you guys at the moment! Have you loaded the bikes up full gypsie style yet?


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