Monday, May 28, 2012

Dirt Sun and Leeches

We made it back each with an awesome tan from the beautiful Tioman, with me secretly not wanting to leave. I could have easily stayed for another week or so but we must move on. Already I had that same feeling in Melaka. The location is one thing but the people and new friends we now have are what really makes it memorable.

Some guardians of the Rooney Specials while on Tioman...Bagus

Off the ferry to retrieve our bikes, knowing that Neil was having withdrawals from not having a Rooney Special to ride. He was a man with a plan. Head towards Endau Rompin National Park, described as the “last frontier” type adventure but in Neil's eyes it was dirt dirt dirt. It was said that you could only access the park through a 60 kilometre dirt road. Yep they were right it was dirt and mud and dust. Although let it be clear that thanks to the Rooney Specials it was done with no hesitation. Well maybe a bit from me considering my dirt experience was my parents house and around 30 kilometres back home in Australia. Let it be known I never doubted the bike more the hesitation on my abilities. That would soon surprise even me. “If in doubt, gas it out.”

Jungle run

I had a fight with some hard core mud... I think I won

So with a hard days ride under belt we had a feed and decided to settle into our dorm which by chance only had us in it. No sign of leeches yet....

We woke the next morning to enjoy a wonderfully made Malaysian breakfast, with the additional cat at our feet. This tends to happen anywhere there are people sitting. It seemed as though we were on the only visitors to the Park. Neil booked a boat to travel around 45 minutes up river to Kuala Jasin which is their base camp, from there it was a mega trek through the jungle and I mean jungle!
Our guide claimed to speak not much English but we both reckoned she did an amazing job. To think she had to go to work everyday in it and combat the leeches!!!

Boat ready for launch

5 hours of intense leech action

Clarissa and Sisema

Now includes five river crossings

Gotta keep moving

A nice cluster of leeches

Malaysia number 1


We had left our dorm at 10am ready for the trek with a massive supply of water, Bushmans and lighters to burn off the leeches. Considering the amount of leeches they had you were better off leaving them or pulling them off. We returned at 4 pm exhausted but with a strong sense of accomplishment. We had combated the dirt and won, we had combated the leeches and won. Tomorrow it was mud and dirt to combat. Our journey back through through the way we had come.

A well earned rest

After sections like this.


            A very steep learning curve was learnt again that day. It was about 45kms of palm oil plantation dirt road which was good for 45km/hour. Then about 15kms of very slow going through muddy broken old dirt/tar road. Very bumpy/slow and in significant disrepair. I had made it to bitumen, now to combat the drivers. Not sure which ones I preferred the dirt and mud or the drivers that pushed you off the road. We decided to stop for an Ice Milo which seems to be one of the few drinks available everywhere, at a fish shop. (I could tell from the sign and the abundance of fish). Here we met another Singapore rider and sat for a chat and for me to catch my breath.

Neil called me over and said “look at this!”. Through our jungle trek we had not seen much wildlife except for insects and lots of noisy birds. Monkeys we had seen on the side of the road. Yet under this building was a monkey. Neil made a new friend, although it was sad he was chained up.

Although this little one put his arm through the crack and was dragging a kitten around on the floor by its head which was pretty funny.

Neil... monkey...monkey...Neil

So now we are back in Mersing for a few days while we “Pimp” out our bikes. With road conditions the way they are, modifications to the bikes including lights and reflective tape are in order. Along with personalised stamps and business cards are being made. So as I sit in our air-conditioned gem of a room, I thank you for taking the time to read and remember....



  1. Fantastic blog - so much adventuring! I am exhausted just reading it! Keep up the good work and have 'fun'. Much, Much love from home xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi guys, fantastic reading - thank you so much - love to you both - keep enjoying and having such an awesome time - animal magnatism!!! Mum. xxxxxxx

  3. fantastic read. this adventure just keeps getting better!!!!...currently thinking of how i can get out of the endless work/rest cycle that is my life and be free on the open road(on a two wheeled motorised contraption of course). you two are great save a bit of cash and just go for it I suppose! keep on keepin on...we are living vicariously through you both! awesome!

  4. we hope you're enjoying the days u spend in sg lembing:D
    -tiara atsari guest house-

  5. Trema kasih to our lovely hosts at Tiara! Your guest house was immaculate and beautiful! We shall see you again very soon (probably tomorrow!)

    Thanks Pirate! I shall be checking regularly on your blog to see when your adventure begins.

    Thanks Mum :) Shall talk/skype soon.

    Richardo - gov, get yourself 50 massive bags of gold and a bike and go for it. You don't need too many rupees... You know the oil and gas will still be in the ground when you get back :) Thankyou for the kind words. The never-ending soup is waiting for you!

    1. Thanks brother...for the message, the good advice and the awesome tales of tasty soup that awaits us travellers on the open road! 50 big rupees to go off on a journey is a small price to pay-it may be RTW for me too one day. Going for the dream job next week, so may have the time to do more riding and other stuff if I'm successful(2on-2off-2on-4off). You are never far from the thoughts-live it brother! Life is one amazing adventure, and from your photos, it seems the road never fails to bring on experiences that justify that statement, that's for sure! Best regards to the good lady. Stay safe my friend and chok di, Ricardo

    2. Brother you're well versed in the systems of goodness and I fully expect to be reading your RTW blog by the time we return or earlier!

      May fishnu provide maximum domination for the dream job!

  6. Hi Guys, sounds like your having a blast. I now have a set of panniers just like yours on my 100GS to. Off to the Horizons meeting this weekend to peddle a few wears. Take care, stay safe and i will track you down on the other end of the trip.
    Cheers Lachlan

    1. Thanks Lachlan. The luggage is doing valiantly. A lot of interest from the bikers over here!

      Hope the HU meet is gold and you have a good one!

      Cya in Europe!

  7. Good to hear of your woderous tales and excellent fortune during this adventure. It's great to hear of such good natured people looking after you. I didn't see a post for a while which was now understandable with this and the previous one in place. Happy trails you two, keep them up. Rags

    1. Cheers Gov. Its just been too good so far. There's been a little stomach adjusting going on but overall we are being blessed with next to no rain while riding and gorgeous conditions. Thankfully as Japan will be giving us less than ideal riding weather. Busy over the last couple of days with organising the pointing end of getting to Japan. Flights/shipping bikes/aligning to meet with family etc

      Hope the hog is making lots of noise and your gorgeous family are happy and well!

  8. I'll try to track you down in malaysia in July! What an interesting adventure both of you are I'm in the office, my mind is on my bike wishing to do something just like this...awesome adventure!

    1. G'day Andy!

      Unbelievable that we caught up with the rest of your gang in Sg. Lembing! It was a shame that you were not able to come. Hope work is going well and your beemer is running sweet!

      We are planing on trying to get to bike week in Hatyai, 13-14 July 2012. Hopefully we can catch up?

      Otherwise we will be in Genting Highlands this weekend, then onto Frasers hill, Penang, Thailand! Let us know if you will be around these areas.

  9. Hello! Great to catch up with your blog and lovely to meet you both in Cameron Highlands. Good luck on your journey. Jilly


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