Monday, May 28, 2012

If you like Pina Coladas...

Firstly we must apologise for the lateness of our blog updates...but you will see why is a moment.

It was decided that we were going to head to Mersing located on the East coast of Malaysia, where we would hopefully be able to catch a ferry to Pulau Tioman. Fortunately a new friend, Colin,  would come along for the ride with his Ferrari red BMW R1100 GS. Mike “The Thunder” and a number of new friends would meet us at Tioman Island.

We started a late morning off with “Pow” which is basically a Chinese Steam bun. Luckily Colin and our other friend Heng showed us where the best “pow” in town was. Yep, he was right it was really really good. Now that our bellies were full... it is time to RIDE!!!!

Two hundred odd kilometres later and we reached Mersing, an adorable little town. We parked our bikes at a “friend of a friends” place and headed towards the ferry just down the road.

So Colin, Neil and myself jumped on the icy cold air conditioned fast ferry to Tioman, where the three exhausted and sweaty riders could catch a breath. The trip took around an hour and a bit to reach the main town of Tekek. Contrary to what we had been told the ferry was not really rough, it just ploughed through the waves like a trooper.

Colin, Clarissa and Neil enjoying a break from the heat

The plan was to find somewhere to sleep and head straight to the bar! I managed to twist Neil's arm into getting an air conditioned room although the island was not as hot as on the mainland. Halo Bar was our bar stop which was located right out the front of where we were staying. It was something from the movies, cool night, palm trees, Pina Coladas and Hoe-garden bier. Now Tioman is a “duty free” island which basically means cheap beer. Jackpot for the three of us. We drank, laughed, sang and drank into the night. This is where we met our favourite bar tender, Apae. A humble jolly man who makes the best Pina Colatas in the world!!!!!

Enjoying some drinkies....

Neil with our new feline friend

After a well deserved sleep in we awoke to see this outside our front door. Tioman is that tropical island that you hear or read about. I have been fortunate enough to travel a bit before this epic adventure although nothing has been as like Tioman. The best was yet to come Scuba!!!!

Sigh its a hard life....

Through a recommendation we decided for us to do the scuba thing. Neil has not been scuba diving only snorkelling and for a while I kept saying to him yeah but scuba is sooo much better. I already had my Open Water Certificate so I decided to go for my Advanced Open Water. Neil started with Open Water then  wanted to dive deeper then 18 metres so he also got his Advanced. All thanks to our awesome Dive Master, Sebastian and the owner Ray, of Ray's Dive Adventures. A friend that we have met on our travels recommended him to us as he himself had taught Ray how to scuba!

Neil after his first dive!

Living the dream
….Now lets get on that beeech

Hammocks lined the beach

There is something about Tioman it took us a week and a half before we had to rip ourselves away from this gem in the South China Sea. A big thank you to Ray'sDive Adventures and their crew, Apae (our favourite bar tender and good mate), Colin (our translator, drinking buddy and brother) and all those we met and helped us with out all of you it would not be Tioman. Including; Afish, Atif, Brian, Mr. Ali Baba, Nazari, Zali, AC, you guys rock. Miss you already and we shall return!

Also to you crazy Polish man who full steam head-butted your door when you were too drunk on captain morgan! You probably shouldn't have believed Neil that the hike 7km's through the jungle was easy either...

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