Thursday, May 10, 2012

It all started at the Honky Tonk Haven Cafe

It was meant to be one of our last days in the historic town of Melaka... little did we know that everything was about to change. Our day started with the intent on visiting the massive replica of a Portugese ship which was also their Maritime Museum, followed but a short trip across the road to their Navy Museum. But first a ride along the river in one of their River Cruise Boats.

It was amazing to see all the different influences in architecture of the area
For only $10 Ringitt around trip 

The Museums expanded on what we had already learnt at other museums yet we noticed it was crazy busy on the weekends. And I mean CRAZY. Children we running around the Navy Museum like mad men but it was nice to see so many people interested in the history of the area.

All the other tourists were doing it

 Outside the Portugese Ship... Wow thats big. It was used for defence and cargo storage...Hmmm multi tasker

Neil could help but go Titanic on the front of one their old Navy ships

Couldn't help but want revenge on the evil cars trying to take the road from me!!

Once the museums were done we decided hey lets enjoy a few beers on the waters edge and watch the world go by. So Neil suggested the "how about this one??"It is was Honky Tonk Haven Cafe

Knocking back a few beers :)

Three buckets of beer later, (1 bucket = 5 beers) we met Joe "Fingers" a New Zealand bloke with a great personality with awesome shirts to match.... This is also where we met Nigel a British fellow who ended up chatting about motorbikes. At this stage he questioned whether or not we had me the french bloke who has the BMW GS down the road, who was also travelling around the world. The thought of another BMW near by was too good to pass up. So after a great feed and icy cold beers. (The only way to combat the Malayian heat) We went for a walk, found the BMW  but no french man. Due to the amount consumed that afternoon and night before we decided to stay another night... Thats the thing about Melaka. We just keep saying yep another night.

A late breakfast ended with me retiring to air conditioning while Neil decided to explore the rest of Melaka. He had to of course stop by St Paul Church, originally build in 1521, located on the top of St John's Hill. Where he found a gentleman playing Bob Marley. 

St Paul's Church

Later on that afternoon Neil came in the room informing me of how he had met the french man along with some other local and internationals at the Honky Tonk Haven Cafe. So he headed back while I had to complete a few more things. Around an hour later I headed down to see Neil sitting there with some lively characters surrounded by buckets of beers. I knew this would be a fun night. Dinner was all you can eat Indian for only $12 ringitt !!!! Which they do once a month or so I was told. They also had live Jazz music which we so lively. 

 Mike and Neil's Motorbikes 

Some of our new Malakian and International friends

Boogie on down Baby!!!

The celebrations went well on into the night with the same decision made the day before. One more day in Melaka. 


  1. Hey you two - great to talk to you last night, thanks for the call. Have fun love from all at home.

  2. Hi mate....if u are still exploring malaysia, don't forget KL, genting highlands, fraser's hill, Cameron highlands, Ipoh, Penang.

  3. Awesome blog Neil and Clarissa...except the horrible eunuch paragraph....the horror! Great to see the delicious food photos and glasses of fine ale. Much envy right now from my freezing shed in the QLD mountains(even the roaring fire does no good!) haha. Take care, Peace and Power, Ricardo


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